Dear Reader:

Kensington Market, Toronto, ON, Canada

March 16, 2013

My name is Chim and welcome!

I'm an experienced product manager, Ruby on Rails developer, entrepreneur, teacher and a super enthusiast of new web and mobile technology. Yes, I have this unique mix of technical and business background.

Every year, I change my personal website to try new design and technical ideas.

This time, I'm banning the use of images. Everything here is done using pure CSS3 and a bit of JavaScript magic. The focus is typography and I want to bring back the personal touch of physical letters.

You will find my old and new posts about technology, product management, startups, entrepreneurship, venture capital, projects and other topics here.

This site is done using Rails 3.2.13, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and Heroku.

I hope you enjoy.

Truly yours,

Chim Kan